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Priscilla Chan, Mark Zuckerberg Wedding Photos Released on Facebook Accounts

Thursday, May 24, 2012

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg released their wedding photo on their Facebook accounts tonight; Priscilla Chan (photos below) and Mark Zuckerberg conjointly modified their standing to “married” on their timelines. Chan and Zuckerberg married over the weekend. On Saturday evening, each created the news announcement, where else, however on their Facebook pages.

Priscilla Chan lists her 2012 timeline events as “left UCSF” and tonight “Married Mark Zuckerberg.” In asserting the wedding, Chan added the higher than wedding photo at intervals the hour. As of seven PM PST, there have been already nearly 2 thousand likes.

Priscilla Chan Pictures

Zuckerberg, in turn, lists his 2012 updates as “registered to be an organ donor” and “married Priscilla Chan” tonight. Zuckerberg has received roughly a quarter-million likes at intervals an hour. jointly fan noted “What every week, congratulations. might your life be full of continued blessings!”

“Beast” (Zuckerberg/Chan Family Dog) footage Set 1

Zuckerberg 1st released Chan photos throughout a key moment for the corporate in 2009. In October 2009, reports claimed that Zuckerberg had one photo of himself on Facebook; however by December 2009, Zuckerberg released nearly 300 new photos, several that includes him with Chan at home.

“Beast” (Zuckerberg/Chan Family Dog) footage Set 2

Then, in March last year, the couple’s dog “Beast” became the darling of reports media. At the time, Zuckerberg established a collection Facebook page for his new puppy “Beast”. News reports dubbed the pet because the “First Facebook dog”.

Facebook confirmed to news tonight that the couple got married over the weekend. On Monday, Zuckerberg turned twenty eight. that very same day, Chan graduated from medical college at the University of California, San Francisco.

Zuckerberg reportedly designed the marriage ring that options a “a terribly straightforward ruby”. The couple tied the knot at Zuckerberg’s house in Palo Alto. Click HERE to go away a congratulations for Chan and HERE to go away one for Zuckerberg.

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