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Miami Zombie Attack Killer Attend Bible Study

Saturday, June 2, 2012

It has been reported that Rudy Eugene, the infamous "Miami zombie attacker," was an obsessive Bible reader, and was even described by his friends as a "preacher" thanks to the extent he would point out Biblical references.

Eugene had attended a Bible Study session at a friend's house simply 2 days before committing the horrifying attack on sleeping homeless man Ronald Poppo, during which he ripped off and ate the flesh from his face, in line with a Tampa Bay Times report.

The attacker even posted a Bible verse on his Facebook page saying, "Deliver me from my enemies, O my Lord; Defend me from people who stand up against me. For the Lord God is my defense. - [Psalm 59]."

Eugene's friend, Bobby Chery, has additionally reported that Eugene had promised to present up marijuana to become a much better man in line with the word of God.

he victim is predicted to survive however lost concerning two-thirds of his face within the gory attack. Poppo, 65, had his nose, mouth and eyes chewed off by 31-year-old Rudy Eugene and currently need in depth facial reconstructive surgeries, in line with Radar on-line.

"It may simply price $100,000 to $200,000 for the reconstructive surgeries that he can got to get his face back," Miami, Florida-based plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer of Bal Harbour cosmetic surgery told Radar.

"It would force an ophthalmologist, a cranial facial surgeon, a micros-surgeon and plastic surgeons. it's like one thing ripped from a TV plot – it'd be just like the Manhattan project to rebuild him," he added.

Eugene, who some suspect might are high on medication throughout the ugly attack, was described as a "zombie" by onlookers who witnessed him walking around naked alongside the MacArthur Causeway before accosting Poppo.

Poppo, who was sleeping at around two p.m. when the incident occurred, awoke being crushed by Eugene, who appeared intent on devouring his face. Eugene beat Poppo and then undressed the lower half his dazed victim before straddling him and that specialize in his face. As a results of the attack he suffered horrific injuries that currently need major surgery.

"Those injuries typically involve some bony injury, however terribly fact|the actual fact} that [Eugene] chewed off his skin is fascinating because it is a smaller amount injury to the bone however it's still very in depth," Dr. Salzhauer explained.

"It sounds like his eyes are gone – or a minimum of one is completely missing - that the orbits got to be reconstructed by an ophthalmologist. the foremost difficult side of the surgery are going to be his nose, that appears to even have been eaten off," he added.

Eugene was shot and killed by police once refusing to prevent the cannibal attack, and Poppo was rushed to hospital where he remains in crucial condition.

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