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"Snow White and the Huntsman" star Charlize Theron Refuses to Get Plastic Surgery

Sunday, June 3, 2012

"Snow White and the Huntsman" star Charlize Theron refuses to get plastic surgery - Charlize Theron doesn’t accept a magic mirror to inform her what she already knows: she’s obtaining older.

The “Snow White and therefore the Huntsman” star, who plays evil stepmother Ravenna within the upcoming action-adventure film, recently told the June/July issue of Interview Magazine that she is coming back to terms with the method of aging.

“I look within the mirror and my face is changing, and that i have a distinct relationship all of sudden with myself,” she said. "Your face changes, things modification - that’s simply reasonably what happens.”

In a society dependent on physical look, Theron chooses to require at some point at a time when it involves what she thinks of her body.

“I can’t foresee myself ever going underneath the knife, however on the other hand, I’m solely in my mid-thirties,” she told the magazine. “Maybe it’s totally different when you’re in your mid-sixties.”

“I don’t recognize, thus I don’t wish to create statements concerning where I’m gonna be in thirty years. however as of without delay, I even have a distinct relationship with the method I look,” she added.

The actress admitted that although she isn’t fascinated by cosmetic surgery at the instant, she still reaches for the anti-aging merchandise from time to time.

“There are days once I undoubtedly look within the mirror and go, ‘All right, i would like to search out a cream,” she revealed.

 And there are times when even the pressures of Hollywood get to her.

“It’s hard, though, during this trade, as a result of i feel most importance is placed on how you look, and I’m not brave enough to be like, ‘You recognize what? I’m simply planning to let it happen. Whatever. I’m thus cool with each line on my face,’” she said.

Despite the pressure of perfection, Theron credits her mother with encouraging her to suppose additional of herself than simply what she sees on the skin.

“I’m thus grateful that i used to be raised by a mother who extremely instilled in me that my ethical compass and achievements all had to come back from a true place that had nothing to try to to with my beauty or how I looked,” she said.

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