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Get Ready Ahead of The Internet Apocalypse

Friday, July 6, 2012

Get Ready Ahead of The Internet ApocalypseInternet doomsday threat of just living every day. Precisely July 9, 2012, approximately 500 thousand infected hardware can die because of attacks of malware total control. DNS or Domain Name System is an online service that converts domain names into numeric codes for example www.tempo.co, so between computers can communicate with each other.

However, numerous cyber criminals have been have contracted malware called DNSChanger. This virus could allow cybercriminals control the DNS server. Consequently, the field of cyber thief could disrupt Internet access and computer owners harmful interactions between computers which have been infected.

But nonetheless not a way to determine the spread of those attacks. The very first open-ok.us www.dns site. This site will indicate if your computer is have contracted malware. Whether it says DNS Resolution = Green, the computer is protected. However, if the DNS Resolution red, caution is definitely an early indicator of infection.

Not only www.dns-ok.us site, Google also made ??a credit card applicatoin that warned of this threat.

Google giant displays an alert for the indicated taxable computer malware if open google.com. In the warning, Google has also added a hyperlink to get rid of malware attacks.

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