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Prince William and Kate Middleton Honeymoon Pictures

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Prince William and Kate Middleton Honeymoon Pictures - Another tabloid cover of Kate Middleton is creating a significant stir in the uk - but that one is really real.

Unlike the photoshopped image of Middleton with yellow teeth, an Australian magazine called Woman's Day has published a picture of Kate and Prince William on their own honeymoon on North Island, a tiny archipelago within the Seychelles.

It's unclear how a paparazzi member sneaked on to the tropical paradise, as it is rumored to become the place to find more tortoises than people. Only one insider said the shutter bug likely earned a massive payday for the pic.

"Any shot of them on their own honeymoon was going to go for the vast majority a million but because Kate is within a bikini I would estimate this is a billion dollar shot," celebrity business journalist Jo Piazza told Yahoo! Shine.

It's correct. For the Kate Middleton fashion trends out there, best of luck looking for another photo from the would-be-queen in a bathing suit.

Sources say the royal couple is "distraught" over the leaking of the picture, because they visited great lengths to help keep the honeymoon destination a secret in the press.

Reports say that coast guard patrolmen and security teams were even stationed around the bungalow by which Kate and William stayed. Clearly, someone either messed up or is at on the tabloid scoop, however.

Over a dozen additional images of Middleton and her prince swimming and strolling are featured inside the issue.

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