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Is The 'Last Friday' Movie Poster Real? Did Ice Cube Confirm Chris tucker Will Be in it

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Is The 'Last Friday' Movie Poster Real? Did Ice Cube Confirm Chris tucker Will Be in it - A new ‘Last Friday’ movie poster surfaced online yesterday promoting the final installment of Ice Cube’s (real name O’Shea Jackson) “Friday” movie franchise featuring Chris Tucker onto it.

For some time, there has been rumors about 42-year-old rapper, writer, producer, Ice Cube, putting his 1995 movie series to rest with a final film.

Within an interview with MTV, Ice Cube finally confirmed the rumor. He announced that he's currently completing the writing for that final movie, which is titled “Last Friday.” Within an exclusive interview with Global Grind, just when was asked if Tucker was actually back aboard, Cube replies:

I really hope so. I got a component written in for him. It’s really about Chris. I’m not likely to beg him to be in the film, but I’m going to ask him…twice. (laughs) And hopefully he’ll get it done.

Ice Cube finally did confirm that Tucker was signing on to return to the film, but we'll watch for word around the official poster. He also confessed that he had trouble getting Chris Tucker to be in the new movie (Tucker played Smokey in the previous films). Apparently Tucker felt that playing a pot-smoker is against what he stands for now in the career.

But Ice Cube worked his magic and also got Tucker to agree to star in the last installment from the series ( “Tucker has provided us with every indication that he’s destined to be in it. Until he shows up on set, you never know.. Ice Cube said”).“I’m still the entire process of writing the screenplay, I’m almost carried out with the script, in order soon as possible finish the script, fast motion onto it.”

The film will feature all of the original cast members. Fans are specifically excited about the possibilities of seeing Tucker return to the role that started his rise to fame.

Everyone is anxiously anticipating comedian Chris Tucker‘s return to the large screen beside Ice Cube within the “Final Friday” sequel.

As though “Last Friday” isn’t enough, Ice also mentioned the biopic and the album that he’s focusing on. The biopic is to be about N.W.A, the Rap rap group from Compton that was most popular in the late 80s and early 90s. Ice Cube would be a part of the group, together with Eazy E, Dr. Dre, and a few other young rappers. Of this film, Ice Cube said, “The script gets tighter and tighter, and when the script is tight as sweaty butt cheeks, we’ll put it out, and we’ll start working onto it.”

The album that Ice Cube is focusing on is going to be his first since 2010. The project isn't yet officially titled, however the rapper is leaning towards naming it “Everything’s Corrupt.”

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