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Is The White Powder in Rihanna’s Coachella Photos Cocaine?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rihanna appeared alongside Calvin Harris at this past weekend’s Coachella Music competition in Indio, Calif., and photos from the competition show the singer scraping up a mysterious white powder, and in fact fans and critics alike are assuming the white substance is cocaine.

Rihanna was carried onto the stage on the shoulders of a bodyguard, and photos that have circulated on Twitter that show the singer holding what sounds like a rolling paper in one hand whereas scraping a white substance off the bodyguard’s shaved head.

Some fans have begun speculating that the substance is cocaine, whereas there conjointly several alternative assumptions anout the photos circulating within the Twitterverse.

Rihanna conjointly was reportedly seen walking round the Coachella competition with a blunt in her hand, and was seen smoking marijuana throughout a recent trip to Hawaii.

Speaking of that trip to Hawaii, Rihanna recently shared over a hundred and fifty photos of the trip on her Facebook page. we tend to showed you a number of the highlights yesterday, as well as some topless photos. look at the Rihanna within the photos when the jump handling this mystery white substance that several are slamming the pop artist for, calling this the ‘Rihanna Cocaine Scandal.’

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