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Mila Kunis’s Slicked Back Braided Up Style

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mila Kunis’s Slicked Back Braided Up vogue

Mila wore a black flowing robe made up of Dior & sparkling Cartier jewelry to the 69th Golden Globe Awards. Mila’s dress featured a lace bodice & flowing skirt with a 1 sides shoulder strap.

Her slicked back braided up vogue & dark chocolate brown hair with caramel highlights looked extraordinarily glamorous and really female. Her eye build was smouldering and her lip & cheek colors were painted in neutral natural tones. Mila Kunis was recently announce to be the new face for Christian Dior within the luxury spring fashion campaign.

How To Get Mila’s Chocolate Brown Hair color

Look for home hair colors that say medium to dark brown or dark chocolate brown. By clicking on the highlighted link you'll realize many useful tips about a way to select the proper home hair color.

Mila has some shimmering caramel highlights scattered throughout her hair, you'll additionally achieve these highlights yourself by doing them yourself at home. Click on the highlighted link to seek out out all the do’s & dont’s to highlighting your hair at home.

You will got to bit up your re-growth each 4-6 weeks & freshen the color on the mid lengths & ends with semi permanent hair colors to nourish, shield & add further shine.
Please scan on to seek out out a way to produce vogue Mila’s slicked back braided up style……

What you may would like

Shampoo & conditioner, hair gel, hair spray, hair gloss, heat styling protector, hair mousse, tail comb, massive wide tooth comb, paddle brush, clear hair band, hair pins identical color as your hair.

How To vogue Guide

  1. Shampoo hair & condition.
  2. Towel dry hair well removing excess water.
  3. Remove hair knots by using massive tooth comb.
  4. Spray heat styling protector spray to mid lengths & ends.
  5. Use a trifle hair mousse on the ends of your hair for additional hold.
  6. Using the blowdryer on a medium heat setting, take away excess water by shaking your hair together with your fingers. Tip your head over and dry hair beneath layers till your hair is around five hundredth dry. Flip head upwards and using the big paddle brush dry your straight till it’s around ninetieth dry.
  7. Using the tail comb insert a facet or middle half.
  8. Apply touch of hair gel to the front & sides of your hair. Slick hair down & comb your hair down & towards the rear. Add additional hair gel if would like be, build the gel up as needed. ensure that you simply comb your hair so it’s sleek & sleek.
  9. Pull hair into an occasional ponytail & secure with a transparent hair band. begin braiding hair in an exceedingly massive size braid. Secure the terribly finish of the braid with a transparent hair band.
  10. Twist & twirl the braid around in an upwards direction till you reach the terribly prime section of the braid that you simply started from. Secure braid with hair pins to carry in place. ensure that the braid isn't loose so it wont fall out.
  11. Using a robust hold hair spray, provide you with hair a generous spray, take care to not spray to closely to forestall water bubbles.
  12. Spritz hair everywhere with hair gloss to feature maxim shine & wow factor!

All Done!! Please browse on to visualize Mila’s Golden Globe Awards Gown………………

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